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Dr. Bahn is a Licensed Psychologist and a NAADAC Approved SAP provider.  Her practical experience began in the early 1990’s when she worked at Hartgrove, St. Elizabeth’s, University of Chicago, Lakeshore....Click for more.

Dr. Sara Bahn Dr Michael Kessler PsyD Dr Michael Kessler PsyD

Dr. Kessler is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. His current focus is psychological testing, assessment and evaluation with emphasis helping individuals ....Click for more.

Dr. Michael Kessler

Dr. Arroyo is  Licensed Clinical Psychologist. His emphasis is on psychological testing and evaluation for school aged children, adolescents and families… Click for more.

Dr. John Arroyo Dr Sara Bahn PsyD Dr Michael Kessler PsyD David Bahn

David is Chief Operating Officer of Behavioral Health Center of Il.  David has been President of an Information Technology firm, BCI, since 1994...Click for more.

Dr John Arroyo PsyD

Behavioral Health Center of Illinois’s vision is to promote health, education, well-being, and community in an evolving personal, societal, and global context.  We strive to provide quality treatment from a holistic and integrative perspective through listening to the individual needs of clients and their families. It’s through our experiences that present to us the truth and depth needed to understand one’s life path and the human condition.

David Bahn

Dr. Fairless is a licensed clinical psychologist.  His emphasis is in both assessment and treatment for many complex behavioral health disorders..Click for more.

Diana is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  She has worked extensively with children and families, parents, couples, adults and the geriatric community. Click for more.

Diana Rapaport David Bahn

Kristen is a Springfield native with experience in the mental health field. She plans to grow old with BHC of IL ...Click for more.

David Bahn

Becca is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and I believe that the relationship between the therapist and client is very important. Click for more.

Rebecca Goldsborough-Marshall Becca Goldsborough-Marshall, LCPC David Bahn

Bowie is the CCO - Chief Cuteness Officer. He enjoys sleeping, eating, sleeping and ...Click for more.

Bowie James Bowie James CCO

Christina Smith is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. She enjoys working with individuals, couples, and families of all ages and backgrounds…Click for more.